Transformation and healing

The Gaia Program is a 3 week online transformation Program designed for people seeking to reconnect with their Higher Self and ground their Divine Purpose.

This program will also help you gain greater access to the new Spiritual Energies flooding down to the Earth from the Heart of the Divine.

In this video Ian White discusses the qualities of the Gaia Essence and the power of the Gaia Program:

Our intention is quite simple – to help you prepare spiritually, energetically and emotionally for the connection you’ve been longing for. This program allows you to access its extremely powerful qualities in a space where you are gently guided in the use of the Essence and supported by a community of fellow seekers.

Apart from the benefit you derive personally from participating in this program, the purpose of this program is also to ground a new Essence: The Gaia Essence. This is the third Divine Presence Essence – exceptionally special Essences that Spirit has guided me to create and that have the potential to assist us greatly in our growth and development.

It is an Essence of union, balance and connection between Heaven and Earth, your Higher and Lower Self and knowing your Divine Purpose. You can read more about the Gaia Essence on this page.

Benefits of participating in the Gaia Essence Program:
There will be hundreds of people from all over the world coming together to take part in this Program. The benefits of participating in this Program will not only be felt on a personal level but also on a global level for humanity.

  • Journeying in a group for the purpose of receiving Spirit more deeply in our lives, opens a portal of healing energy that benefits all sentient beings, no matter where you are on the globe.
  • Working in a group provides Program participants a nurturing and safe place to shed energies and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Become one of the first people to experience and ground the healing properties of the Gaia Essence.

Program Summary:

  • Online program – prior to program commencement you will be sent website access details.
  • Participants will be working with both the GAIA and Solar Logos Essences (included in the purchase price of the program).
  • Weekly webinars of 60 minutes duration – links to replay the webinars sent out after each webinar.
  • Daily meditations and practices to complete which are completely doable even for busy people.
  • Workbooks, journals and toolkits included in the program as downloads.

Want to thank you again for the wonderful Program. The experience continues for me. I have had many incredible breakthroughs emotionally and my health has improved. Spiritually, I have connected with the Divine Feminine in a very deep & powerful way.

Karen MarescaUSA

How exciting! I feel that the Essence has been so helpful to face and move through various aspects of the shadow, even if work has been done in these areas in the past. Have been wearing my pendant every day and night and am feeling amazingly balanced and connected, above all to myself as I’m able to hear the most delicate of whispers. It’s been a truly wonderful experience, especially combined with my psychotherapy course I feel that I’m embodying love and life.

Michelle SacchettiAustralia

I had many ups and downs which a lot of the participants talked about – like a dream about my mother who passed away 10 years ago which was so vivid that it seemed real, I woke up crying from this dream… Other changes that I noticed is that my intuition has become stronger and I have become more confident and comfortable allowing others to see my ability, in the past I have not felt it was safe to be seen to be “different”.

Patricia WhitfieldNew Zealand

  • The Gaia Transformation Program is only $295 for a powerful 3 week journey with Spirit.
  • It is an online program with weekly online links ups and daily meditation and practices.
  • Daily time commitment is doable even for busy people.
  • Online support and connection is available for all participants via a member’s forum.