Testimonials from Gaia Program participants

This was the most powerful and transformative work that I’ve ever done. I feel more grounded to Gaia, connected to God, and aligned with my Higher Self than ever before. I highly recommend the Gaia Program!

Brenda BirnoUSA

I feel like my life path and who I am is now crystal clear. Finally with the last puzzle pieces fell into place and I am ready to step up to the next level in my growth and consciousness. The clarity that came through this program was mind-blowing. Having 2 of my friends join me on the journey and having them experience what I have with the last two programs was tremendous! Loved every minute of the 3 weeks of Gaia and Solar Logos.

Donna Hildred Australia

Thank you very much. The program was magical for me. It opened doors into the invisible world. I still feel the connection and the guidance.

Soledad SuarezMexico

It was such a good program in terms of personal development for me. It gave me a greater connection with the Earth and all the elements as well as giving me a greater understanding and connection with Solar Logos. I feel as though I have been able to go deeper and extend further, develop my chakras, bring in my Higher Self more readily. It has made meditation so much richer because of the depth this program has taken me to.

Nicola GiffordAustralia

With the Gaia Essence I felt a lot of peace, healing and love, many tears, but feeling peaceful and supported. Then came Solar Logos, so much energy and the ability to start to do things to engage with life and living again. I feel alive and am looking forward to connecting again with my life’s purpose as I continue to heal and connect to life in general.


I feel that i am now of Gaia and Solar Logos energy and embody greater clarity and healing for this universe


The depth of some of my experiences with Gaia were profound particularly in connection with Land Angel related meditation and other elemental beings. This has opened up a new channel to Earth keeper ‘work’; Huge Gratitude for that. Thank you!

Neil GilsonUK