Can I do the Gaia Program if I have not done any others?


If you start with the Gaia Program then that is where you are meant to start. It’s all perfect.  You should check the Australian Bush Flower Essences website for other workshops that might be of interest to you in the future and make sure you subscribe for email updates.

How much does the program cost?

The 3 week Gaia Program costs $295 plus postage and includes:

  • Online program – prior to program commencement you will be sent website access details.
  • Participants will be working with both the GAIA and Solar Logos Essences (included in the purchase price of the program).
  • Weekly webinars of 60 minutes duration – links to replay the webinars sent out after each webinar.
  • Daily meditations and practices to complete which are completely doable even for busy people.
  • Workbooks, journals and toolkits included in the program as downloads.

What if I miss the doing the program in a group the first time?

No problem.

If you are guided to do the course, just follow the links to purchase and you will be given access to all the materials on the website for you to work through at your own pace at any time.

How long is the program?

The program duration is for 3 weeks.

What is the daily time commitment?

The daily time commitment is about an hour a day for 3 weeks.

You will be guided to take the Essences morning and night, meditate, complete the daily excercise and record your experiences.

This program is doable even for the busiest person.

What is included in the program?


  • You will receive:
    • One bottle of the Gaia Essence (not publicly available for purchase yet) and one bottle of the Solar Logos Essence
    • 4 Meditation Recordings online (links provided) to listen to and work with during our program
    • A 21-day Journal. This is a downloadable PDF that you can print or work with on your computer
    • A downloadable Workbook with exercises and an Integration ToolKit
    • 4 Webinars online (links provided) for you to view
    • A Gaia Forum to participate and share with fellow Gaia Program participants


The Gaia Program is a 21-day Program.
For the first two weeks you will take the Gaia Essence morning and night. You will have a daily journal to complete and direct your awareness on what is needed for your healing and development.

Then you have an option, you can listen to one of the 4 audios that come with this program or you can sit in gentle peace and either meditate or review/project your day.

Program Tools

During each day you will have access to the Workbook. The Workbook consists of 2 parts: Daily Exercises and the ToolKit.

The exercises are designed to help you both explore and integrate your experiences, clearing out what no longer serves you, allowing more of you to be present in your connection to your Higher Self and Divine Purpose.

You can use it to help start living a fuller life and realising all you are and all you care to create.

The Toolkit is a set of de-stress tools. We have all experienced situations and scenarios where we have seemed to get stuck and can’t move forward. If such a scenario was to arise again, then you can pull out these pre-prepared tools that you have, at the needed moment, to let you keep moving forward with your day and with the program.

Program Support

Throughout the day or weeks, at your leisure, there will be an online forum to find support and extend support and inspiration to your fellow Gaia travellers. This will be a private forum and accessible only by our family of Gaia Program participants. A great place to connect and share, and to feel the force of the Spiritual energies.

I’m going to be travelling while the course is on - can I do it?

Yes, as long as you can access the internet periodically to download the weekly webinars and you carry your workbook and journal with you.

It doesn’t matter where you are, Spirit knows where to find you 😉

Will you be offering the program live again?

At this stage there are no plans to repeat the Gaia Program live with a group of participants. If you are interested in participating live with a large group, please register your interest by sending us a message.

What’s the difference between the Gaia Essence and the Earth Essence (from White Light Essences)?

Gaia helps you to connect to all the Elements whereas Earth is very much for that Element.

I would say Gaia is working at a much deeper spiritual level helping you to bring through more fully your Higher Self which in turn helps you have an understanding of your divine purpose. Whereas the Earth Essence is helping you get a sense of, right now in the moment, where is my spiritual direction.

The Earth Essence helps connect you to the Earth nature spirits, the gnomes. Whereas Gaia is helping you connect to the many realms within the Earth.

The Earth Essence has many qualities that Gaia doesn’t, for example it helps with patience and connecting to vibrational healing. It also has a restructuring ability for the cells within the body. Of course the Gaia Essence also has many qualities which are not found in the Earth Essence.

Both are wonderful Essences but quite different.

I’m taking other Essences at the moment, do I keep taking them?

While you are on the program, we recommend stopping your other Essences and work exclusively with the Gaia Essence for the first two weeks and the Solar Logos for the last week. Of course if you’re in a particular situation like feeling mentally overwhelmed and could benefit from a dose Cognis, then by all means take a one off dose, but the focus for the three weeks is to access and integrate the qualities of the Gaia and Solar Logos Essences.

It is quite OK to continue using the body creams and mists from the Love System Skin Care range.

Will I have enough Essences to last me the duration of the program?


The bottles supplied to you are in STOCK strength.  You will need to make DOSAGE bottles for daily use during the program.  Full instructions are supplied within the packaging of the Essences.

I have been wearing my pendants from the Solar Logos and Isis Programs. Can I continue wearing them during the Gaia Program?

Yes it would be perfectly OK if you were wearing your pendants whilst you are on the Gaia Program.

Stay tuned for the Gaia pendant!

How long does it take for the Essences to get to me?

It depends on your location. Within Australia 3-5 days. Internationally the times vary considerably and you should contact us with your location.