We were touched by this amazing story and hope you are too.

It doesn’t matter how much “work” you have done, there is always more to learn and space to grow.

I am so excited about the Gaia Programme, having worked with both the Isis and Solar Logos Programmes in late 2015. 

The changes in my Life during 2016 were profound. 

In fact I would say that I had truly the best year of my 61 years on Planet Earth.  The Force awakened, the Force is Me, and I am the Force.  Did I find the Force difficult to integrate and embrace.  Absolutely, sometimes just feeling absolutely crushed by a tremendous force bearing down on my spine.  But that caused me to complete my Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training and Reiki Degree 1 Healing which I use daily with great benefit, coupled with taking daily walks in nature, in bare feet on the grass , to raise my consciousness, and to ground me and this amazing energy.

I decided to revisit the Isis essence last Monday and will take it again for two weeks.  To say that releasing old energies and karma last year was my focus would be an understatement.  But, as an 11 in a 1 year of the new 9 year cycle,  I simply want to make as much room to bring in the new, the Light and Love of the Divine, as I can, so I may let my heart, and my consciousness be my guide to be healing and lovingkindness in a world which yearns so much for it.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for bringing the Gaia essence to Life.   I look forward to participating in the programme, and also to the White Light essence programme later in the year.