• The Gaia Meditation Program

    A 3 week online meditation program designed to re-connect you to your divine purpose.

  • Ian White Explains

    A 5 minute video discussing the benefits of the Gaia Essence and the Gaia Program

  • Journey with Us!

    Hundreds of people around the planet will be participating. We would love you to join us!

The Gaia Essence is an Essence of union, balance and connection between Heaven and Earth, your Higher and Lower Self and knowing your Divine Purpose.

Start the Gaia Meditation Program Now!

The Gaia Program is a three week, self-led online meditation and journalling program.
The Gaia Program must be purchased through the main Ausflowers Website first.
Your Gaia and Solar Logos Essences that are taken throughout the program are shipped within 2 working days.
Access to all the webinars, materials, meditations and online forums become available within 48 hours of payment.

Read more information about the Gaia Program.

The power of journalling

Writing your thoughts down in a journal is one of the best ways to unravel a busy mind and cut through overwhelm and confusion. Journalling after a purposeful meditation will give you profound insights into your soul. Join us on this program to discover more.

The power of the group

This program allows you to access the extremely powerful qualities of the Gaia Essence in a space where you are gently guided in its use, you explore your inner landscape and are supported by a community of fellow seekers.

Your purpose

The purpose of this program is to help you discover yours. We each have our own unique part to play in the fabric of society. It doesn’t mean we have to give up our day jobs, but this program will connect you to doing things in life that feed your soul and provide deeper meaning.

Watch these information videos about the Gaia Program and Gaia Essence

The Gaia Program

In this video Ian White discusses the qualities of the Gaia Essence and the power of the Gaia Program

Information Webinar

This is a recording of an information webinar that discusses the Gaia Program and Gaia Essence is detail.

Testimonials for the Gaia Program

“It was such a good program in terms of personal development for me. It gave me a greater connection with the Earth and all the elements as well as giving me a greater understanding and connection with Solar Logos. I feel as though I have been able to go deeper and extend further, develop my chakras, bring in my Higher Self more readily. It has made meditation so much richer because of the depth this program has taken me to”.

Nicola Gifford, Australia

“With the Gaia essence I felt a lot of peace, healing and love, many tears, but feeling peaceful and supported. Then came Solar Logos, so much energy and the ability to start to do things to engage with life and living again. I feel alive and am looking forward to connecting again with my life’s purpose as I continue to heal and connect to life in general”.

Catherine, Australia